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Working with research based partners in Europe and North America, Espère Healthcare Ltd has pioneered the development of a range of innovative solutions for the treatment of various skin and wound care related conditions.


Our products can be accessed via a number of specific websites which provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed choice regarding their use. We believe that it is important that prescribers, parents and patients have access to products that have been trialled, tested and found to be effective, so all our products start life in clinical settings.



Espère Healthcare Ltd specialises in the marketing and selling of medical devices and has pioneered the development of new niche markets for the management of certain dermatological and wound care conditions.


Founded in 2006, the company is majority owned by Dr Rupert Mason, Medical Director, Christopher Steeples, Managing Director, David Battershill, Chairman and Joanna Fletcher, Operations Director. We are supported by a UK wide sales, marketing and distribution network to serve the needs of doctors, nurses and their patients.

As a company we aim to provide innovative dermatology and wound care products to patients and healthcare providers throughout the UK and Ireland.


We supply products direct to customers either through our own websites and other specialist retail web sites, or via NHS prescriptions generated by UK hospitals and GP practices and serviced through retail pharmacies.

Who we are

In October 2014 Espere Healthcare was awarded ISO 13485 accreditation for its Quality Management Systems.

We are a registered NHS supplier

Our Products

From the very beginning our aim is to identify and introduce innovative products to help manage and treat skin related conditions. Because we strongly believe in our products, we have designed the individual product websites to provide as much information as possible for parents, patients and prescribers.


The UK’s first Biofunctional garments approved by the NHS. Designed and clinically proven to control temperature and humidity and reduce itch, giving patients and their families long term control over distressing eczema symptoms. Available online and via NHS Prescription.


DermaSilk Intimo briefs have been developed to help ease the irritation caused by lichen sclerosus, recurrent thrush, vulvodynia and other gynaecological conditions. Backed with peer-reviewed clinical studies and featured in the European Lichen Sclerosus guidelines 2014.



These sheets feature a specially designed material and have been shown to help patients suffering from a variety of conditions that cause them to overheat at night. From eczema and psoriasis to menopausal symptoms and nights sweats caused by Parkinson’s disease and chemotherapy, DermaTherapy sheets engender a better night’s sleep by keeping the sleeper cool and dry. We’ve also got evidence which highlights their benefit in reducing pressure sores.

Molutrex is an easy to use product which clears blisters caused by molluscum contagiosum – a common viral condition found mainly on the skin of young children. Whilst the virus will eventually clear of its own accord, this can take up to 2 years. With Molutrex treatment this can be reduced to as little as 6 weeks.

Many patients with contact dermatitis suffer due to contact with known allergens in their shoes such as dichromates, PPD dyes and solvents used in adhesives. Microair Barrier Socks have the ability to block the passage of these allergens from leather to the skin whilst allowing for the free movement of water vapour, leaving the feet free from both allergens and excess moisture.

ViTiX and ViTicolor Gel have been specially developed to help in the regulation of depigmentation in conditions such as Vitiligo. While ViTiX re-establishes a normal level of melanin in the skin over a 2-4 month period, ViTicoLor Gel adds gradual camouflage colour to the skin over a few days to reduce the visible signs of the condition.


For over 400 years the wound healing power of Norwegian Spruce Resin has been harnessed by the inhabitants of Northern Finland. Now, scientists and clinicians working together have begun to understand the intricate mechanisms of action of this remarkable compound and have created a Class IIb Medical Device - Abilar® Resin Salve to bring this traditional medicine up to the exacting standards of 21st Century wound care.

New Sensitelial SPF30 sunscreen spray has been especially developed to help protect the fragile and sensitive skin of children and fair skinned adults. Care has been taken to reduce as many potential sensitisers from the formulation as possible. It is un-perfumed and parabens-free and the addition of micronised extract of pearl as a mineral sun filter and organic sun filters has reduced the number of chemical sun filters used in the formulation.

News and media

For a relatively small company we've had more than our fair share of publicity over the past few years.









Our Social Media activity keeps us busy  and we are only too happy to talk with journalists and broadcasters. We don't generally go out and seek this publicity - the quality of our products and the effects that they can have on patients generally means that people seek us out!


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