DermaSilk and Other Silk Based Clothing NHS Consultation


NHS England has announced a consultation with the view to limiting, amongst other products, the prescribing of silk garments, of which DermaSilk is included. This has resulted in a number of headlines across media channels and press, which has increased awareness of this specialist treatment.

The full consultation can be found here:

The consultation is open until 28-Feb-2019

Using DermaSilk

DermaSilk therapeutic garments are primarily recommended for use by hospital specialists. They are classed as Medical Devices and are very different to shop-bought silk. They are made from low friction non-irritant cylindrical threads of hypo-allergenic sericin-free silk which are knitted to give them breathability and protected with an antimicrobial to keep the fabric free of bacterial contamination. The result is a bespoke protective clothing for eczematous skin which helps calm irritation and itch.

DermaSilk garments have been available on prescription for over 12 years. Evidence for their effectiveness in the management of eczema is based on the documented clinical experience of thousands of patients for over a decade and a series of published controlled clinical trials conducted throughout Europe. In addition, the protective properties of DermaSilk have been demonstrated in a number of other sensitive skin conditions such as lichen sclerosus, recurrent thrush and inflamed skin resulting from chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

How You Can Help

You have the opportunity to express your views directly to NHS England via the following link and we are asking as many medical professionals and users of DermaSilk to do so as soon as possible, it doesn't take long, can be anonymous, and every single view will be taken into consideration. Please help us to ensure current users can continue with their care and new sufferers of conditions such as Eczema, Lichen Sclerosus and EB have the opportunity for DermaSilk to be prescribed, offering them daily comfort and the quality of care they deserve.

National Eczema Society

For more information or guidance on how to view your opinion the National Eczema Society have provided information and links to help fill out the consultation questionnaire. This can be found here: