Animal Healthcare

Animal Care

Introducing a new range of animal care products for both home and professional use, based on scientific research and manufactured in Finland using Resol Technology developed by Repolar Pharmaceuticals.

For more information and inquiries please contact Espere Healthcare Ltd on 01462 346100 or email

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  1. AniWipe Cleansing Wipes 12pc
    • Designed to cleanse the daily dirt and assist in controlling microbial growth and reduce irritation and itching
    • Cleanses, calms and provides a protective layer on skin
    • Especially for skin, skin folds, paws, ears, as well as areas around the eyes and mouth
    • Also suitable for more sensitive skin areas, does not sting
    • Natural: no added perfumes
    • Gentle, alcohol free
    • Antimicrobial in vitro laboratory studies against common bacteria, fungi and yeasts
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  2. AniVox Ear Rinse 100ml
    • Cleanses, calms and protects
    • Effectively dissolves wax and cleanses the ear canal
    • Using AniVox® Ear Wash is proven to be safe: the solution is not ototoxic and does not harm the inner ear and hearing.
    • Natural and gentle, does not contain perfumes or alcohol
    • Can be used both temporarily and on a regular basis
    • Antimicrobial in vitro against common bacteria and yeasts, including Malassezia yeasts
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  3. AniDes Wound Spray 50ml
    • For treatment of wounds, skin abrasions and irritated skin
    • Protects and soothes
    • Antimicrobial with broad spectrum against common bacteria, yeast and fungi in in vitro studies
    • Forms protective environment for healing of wounds and skin abrasions enhancing re-epithelialization
    • Does not sting
    • No perfumes used
    • Does not colour fur
    • Bitter taste helps prevent pet licking the treated area
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  4. AniLavo Rinsing Liquid 60ml
    • Natural ready-to-use solution for professional use only.
    • Rinsing liquid for cleansing of anal glands, wounds and wound cavities as well as open abscesses
    • Safe, effective and convenient
    • Solution provides a protective layer
    • Strong in vitro antibacterial and antifungal effect against a wide spectrum of pathogens, also covering resistant strains
    • Can be diluted with water or saline 1:1
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