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DermaTherapy Pillow Case (Pair)

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DermaTherapy Pillow Case Pair (50x75cm)
DermaTherapy Bedding is specially designed to reduce friction, dampness and irritation and is available in pure white in a range of the most popular sizes to suit most UK beds.

How can a pillowcase affect my acne?
Acne may be classified as inflammatory or non-inflammatory and may appear in one of several forms, ranging from whiteheads to pus-filled cysts. People with inflamed acne may suffer skin damage and scarring so it's worth treating as soon as possible. Bacterial inflammation causes redness, swelling and pain in the affected areas.

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DermaTherapy® Therapeutic Bedding offers relief to those who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, acne, night sweats and pressure sores. The bedding has received FDA clearance as a Class I medical device for eczema, psoriasis, and pressure sores and is the first and only bedding in the world to achieve this distinction.

Expertly woven from advanced fabrics to provide a cleaner, drier, smoother and hypoallergenic sleeping experience. The dustmite-proof material is made from fibres that wick moisture away from the skin for a cool, comfortable night’s sleep. A durable antimicrobial treatment, permanently bonded into the fabric, has been proven to maintain freshness dramatically reducing the opportunity for bacteria to grow and spread and therefore effective against bacteria such as E.Coli, Staph.aureus and Staph.Epidermidis.

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Size Guide

Dermatherapy Sleepsac 90 X 230cm
Dermatherapy Pillow Case (Per Pair) 50 X 75cm
Dermatherapy Pillow Case Single 50 X 75cm
Dermatherapy Fitted Sheet Single 90 X 190 X 20cm
Dermatherapy Fitted Sheet Double 137 X 190 X 20cm
Dermatherapy Fitted Sheet King 152 X 198 X 20cm
Dermatherapy Fitted Sheet Cot 140 X 70 X 10cm
Dermatherapy Fitted Superking Sheet 183 X 198 X 20cm
Dermatherapy Flat Sheet Single 180 X 275cm
Dermatherapy Flat Sheet Double 230 X 275cm
Dermatherapy Flat Sheet King 275 X 275cm
Dermatherapy Flat Sheet Cot 180 X 275cm
Dermatherapy Duvet Cover Single 137 X 200cm
Dermatherapy Duvet Cover Double 200 X 200cm
Dermatherapy Duvet Cover King 225 X 220cm
Dermatherapy Duvet Cover Superking 260 X 220cm
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